SaM: Shakespeare and the Mediterranean, International Summer School in Verona Romeo and Juliet, 1-8 July 2020

SaM Shakespeare and the Mediterranean
International Summer School in Verona Romeo and Juliet
1-8 July 2020

SaM – Shakespeare Summer School in Verona

Skenè Research Centre
Verona University

Since classical antiquity, the Mediterranean has been a breeding ground for cultural formation and transformation, extraordinarily capitalised on by Shakespeare, who set many of his plays there, re-elaborating narratives, cultural models, theatregrams, epistemological perspectives, and visual and material art forms. In turn, Italy and the other Mediterranean cultures are nowadays responding to the aesthetic and cultural stimuli of those plays, with ever new interpretations and reinterpretations.

SaM Summer School will approach Shakespeare and the Mediterranean from a double perspective that integrates source studies and performance studies: from the Mediterranean sources of Shakespeare to Shakespeare as a source of new adaptations and rewritings in the heart of the Mediterranean. This first edition will concentrate on Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet in a Mediterranean context.

The Summer School is open to Italian and foreign students, teachers, and performers. Participants will be divided into two groups:

1) Master’s and Doctoral students, as well as highschool teachers (Group A).
2) Acting School students and graduates as well as performers (Group B).
The course is organised as a cycle of lectures and workshops over a week.

Students in Group A will be provided with reading materials by mid-June. End-of-course essays will be due by July 20, 2020. A test on the reading material provided in June will be held on July, 1 2020.

The Summer School will admit up to 50 participants (25 for Group A and 25 for Group B).

Classes will be held in English (Group A) and Italian and English (Group B).

Applications will open on February 15, 2020, and will close on April 30, 2020.

Admitted candidates will be notified by May 15, 2020 and the deadline for the tuition fee is May 25, 2020.
Valentina Adami (University of Verona)

Guido Avezzù (University of Verona)

Chiara Battisti (University of Verona)

Jaq Bessell (University of Surrey)

Silvia Bigliazzi (University of Verona)

Victoria Bladen (University of Queensland)

Simona Brunetti (University of Verona)

Andrea Coppone (performer)

Bianca Del Villano (University of Naples l’Orientale)

Sidia Fiorato (University of Verona)

Rosy Colombo (Sapienza University of Rome)

Jason Lawrence (University of Hull)

David Lucking (University of Salento)

Felice Gambin (University of Verona)

Lucia Nigri (University of Salford-Manchester)

Nicola Pasqualicchio (University of Verona)

David Schalkwyk (Queen Mary University of London)

Emanuel Stelzer (University of Verona)

Savina Stevanato (University of Roma Tre)

Laura Weston (GSA, University of Surrey)

Tzachi Zamir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Roberta Zanoni (University of Verona)

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