Special Issue of Languages: “Current Trends in Ecolinguistics” (2024)

Special Issue of Languages: “Current Trends in Ecolinguistics” (2024)

Guest Editors: Douglas Mark Ponton, Lucia Abbamonte.

Please check: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/languages/special_issues/0BBBUSA8TN, for full call

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Ecolinguistic research provides the scientific foundation for understanding the complex web of interactions among language, the non-human world, and the environment. As human activities continue to shape the world, ecolinguistics remains a cornerstone for the promotion of sustainability (Stibbe 2019), conservation of habitats (Blackmore and Holmes 2013), and the well-being of ecosystems and human societies. Ecolinguistics sheds light on how language can facilitate or hinder sustainable environmental practices and broaden our understanding of the ecological interconnectedness of our world (Goatly 2001; Stibbe 2015). A strong understanding of these issues has never been more necessary, and it is our hope that ecolinguistics will continue to evolve and increase its influence on current and future generations’ attitudes towards nature and the non-human world (Zhou 2022). This Special Issue will focus on research that highlights current trends in ecolinguistics (Finke 2018; Lechevrel 2009; Huang 2016)

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