Iperstoria – Issue XIII – Spring/Summer 2019

The Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Iperstoria is online.

The special section, Negotiating Meaning in Business English as a Lingua Franca, is edited by Alessia Cogo and Paola Vettorel, leading scholars on the subject. The essays of this section address linguistic aspects of BELF as well as teaching applications. Recent volumes on the subject are reviewed in the final part.

Il numero XIII (primavera/estate 2019) di Iperstoria è online.

Apre con una sezione monografica dedicata a Negotiating Meaning in Business English as a Lingua Franca e curata da Alessia Cogo and Paola Vettorel, due esperte a livello internazionale di questo tema. Nella parte finale le recensioni riguardano alcuni dei volumi più recenti sull’argomento.


Special Section /Sezione monografica

Negotiating Meaning in Business English as a Lingua Franca

Edited by/a cura di Alessia Cogo e Paola Vettorel

  • Introduction  Alessia Cogo and Paola Vettorel
  • Marie-Luise Pitzl, Investigating Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Transient International Groups (TIGs) in BELF Contexts
  • Marie-Louise Brunner And Stefan Diemer, Meaning Negotiation and Customer Engagement in a Digital BELF Setting: a Study Of Instagram Company Interactions
  • Tiina Räisänen, Cultural Knowledge as a Resource in BELF Interactions: a Longitudinal Ethnographic Study of Two Managers in Global Business
  • Juan Carlos Palmer Silveira, Introducing Business Presentations to Non-Native Speakers of English: Communication Strategies and Intercultural Awareness
  • Valeria Franceschi, Enhancing Explicitness in BELF Interactions: Self-Initiated Communication Strategies in the Workplace
  • Paola Vettorel, BELF, Communication Strategies and ELT Business Materials
  • Paola Caleffi and Franca Poppi, The Training of Business Professionals in ELT Materials: a Focus on Email Writing

Recensioni / Reviews (Special Section /Sezione monografica)

  • Monica Antonello, English as a Lingua Franca in International Business: Resolving Miscommunication and Reaching Shared Understanding. Marie-Luise Pitzl
  • Marco Bagni, Global Interactions in English as a Lingua Franca. How Written Communication is Changing under the Influence of Electronic Media and New Contexts of Use. Franca Poppi
  • Sebastian Malinowski, The Use of English in Institutional and Business Settings. An Intercultural Perspective. A cura di Giuliana Garzone e Cornelia Ilie
  • Dora Renna, Intercultural and International Business Communication. Theory, Research and Teaching. A cura di Juan Carlos Palmer-Silveira, Miguel F. Ruiz-Garrido e Immaculada Fortanet-Gómez
  • Shawnea Sum Pok Ting, English in Business and Commerce: Interaction and Policies; English in Europe Volume 5. A cura di Tamah Sherman e Jiří Nekvapil

Saggi e recensione di Anglistica nella Sezione generale

Essays / Saggi – English Language / Lingua Inglese

  • Federica Perazzini, Geography of a Stereotype: A Computational Study on the Italian Presence in the British Nineteenth Century Novel

Reviews / Recensioni

  • Valeria Franceschi, Mondi e modi nella traduzione. A cura di Stefano Rosso e Marina Dossena


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