Shakespeare Summer School Programme
Transforming Shakespeare “into something rich and strange”: The Tempest and its rewritings & adaptations
24-28 June 2024, Sardinia, Italy

Host University: University of Cagliari, Via Università, 40; Assoc
Prof Maria Grazia Dongu, Università degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy

“This is a timely and very welcome summer school, which by focussing on The Tempest allows us to reflect on the uniqueness of the island trope — both in the text and, as it were, in the location. The range of scholars participating in the summer school is impressive; I am also struck by the fact that, rather than being offered as a series of lectures, as sometimes happens, this summer school is attentively built around activities and exercises that put the students at the centre, and drive them to elaborate their own reflections on the topic. I cannot but applaud this initiative.” (Alessandra Petrina, University of Padova)

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