Manuela D’Amore

Literary Voices of the Italian Diaspora in Britain: Time, Transnational Identity and Hybridity

Palgrave Macmillan, 2023, pp. 314. ISBN: 978-3-031-35437-3

This volume studies the literary voices of the Italian diaspora in Britain. They are mostly unknown to specialist and non-specialist readers, but deserve full recognition: they have recounted the history of the migrant community in the period 1880-1980, while creatively experimenting with hybrid forms of expression and blending words with visuals. Their focus on the horrors of the Second World War – especially on the tragedy of the Arandora Star (2nd July 1940) – offers clear evidence of their civil commitment. 

Made up by 21 authors and 34 pieces of prose, verse and drama, Literary Voices of the Italian Diaspora in Britain will appeal to specialists in different areas of study. It discusses topical issues like migration and social integration, cultures and foods in transition, as well as plurilingualism. More importantly, it begins to fill the void left by a critical tradition which has only appreciated the northern American and Australian branches of Italian writing.

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